Alliance Mobility Solutions | Side Entry Vans
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sienna-10 Full floor side entry minivans feature a lowered floor to the front firewall of the van and a manual or powered ramp at the side sliding door. The ramp can be configured as a bi-folding design or it can be designed to extend under the main floor, called an in-floor ramp. A short floor side entry van is great for families as it offers many of the same features as a full lowered floor, but the wheelchair user cannot position the wheelchair in the front row as a driver or passenger.


BraunAbility® Side-Entry Wheelchair Vans A side-entry wheelchair van offers the most flexibility in seating positions and ample room to maneuver. BraunAbility side-entry minivans are set apart by the fit and finish that blends seamlessly with the original chassis. Choose from manual or automatic, infloor or foldout ramp – the choice is yours with a BraunAbility side-entry vehicle.


With a variety of new and used wheelchair-adapted vehicles available, VMI can accommodate almost any wheelchair user. Each one of our wheelchair accessible vehicles offers flexibility, interior space and reliability. Whether you want more room, style, entertainment features or just a great value, one of our VMI handicap-accessible minivans can provide it.