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Vehicle Seating Solutions

Different types of optional equipment allow passengers to fully enjoy the your experience.  For more information, check out some of the following optional equipment.

Transfer Seats

B&D Independence manufactures transfer seat bases for both the driver and passenger positions for virtually all makes of minivans and full size vans.  Safety, ease of use and reliability are the primary concepts that go into every B&D Independence design.

Easy Level Transfers

The LINK seat base is programmed to offer optimal head and legroom while it gracefully exits the vehicle and lowers the original seat to the desired height for easy level transfers. The key features include ease of use, always use the OEM seat, movements tailored to individual needs, seating memory, seating behind LINK unaffected and seat relines completely. The LINK can be installed in the drivers or passengers position as well as the second row passenger positions in a vast array of vehicles.

Power Turning Auto Seat

You rely on your vehicle to stay active .When getting in and out of it becomes a challenge , Bruno’s Valet Signature Seating makes it simple. Get in and out of vehicles effortlessly with Bruno’s Valet Plus power turning auto seat rotates, extends and lowers to your individual needs at the touch of a button. The Bruno Valet LV provides the solution if you own a sedan.

Contact  our Certified Vehicle and Mobility Consultants – Craig in Richmond – Darlene and Ed in Kelowna for your seating solution.