Alliance Mobility Solutions | Wheelchair Docking Solutions
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Vehicle Docking Solutions

Options include.

Q’Straint when designing the QLK-150 from the ground up, set out to redefine a few things. Freedom, for instance, is not just traveling from one place to another but rather the confidence to do so; confidence to cross thresholds, to navigate various conditions, to go anywhere. Q’Straint created the QLK-150 for maximum flexibility in every unique situation.
Your Safety in Mind The QLK-150 docking system and its accompanying brackets are fully crash tested and iQ Certified to meet the requirements of the WC18 standard and be compatible with WC19 wheelchairs.

The enhanced BL-7317 Docking Base is a product of our more than 30 years of research and hands-on experience.

The basic design is based on the time and street proven performance of the BL-6290 Docking Base with the addition of advanced features that promote a longer service life as well as simplifying routine maintenance.

Contact  our Certified Vehicle and Mobility Consultants – Craig in Richmond – Darlene and Ed in Kelowna for your seating solution.